Buy DesiweMiner K10Pro 170T 3825W

DesiweMiner K10Pro 170T 3825W, K10Pro Miner For Sale, Crypto Algorithm is SHA256, maximum hashrate is 170Th/s, power consumption is 3825W. AC Input Voltage is 200-277V, and The AC Input Frequency Range is 47-63Hz. Without packaging, the bare size of the machine is 335*195.7*299.5mm, and the bare weight is 16.2 kg. Manufacturer DesiweMiner Model K10Pro Hashrate,…



DesiweMiner K10Pro 170T 3825W, K10Pro Miner For Sale, Crypto Algorithm is SHA256, maximum hashrate is 170Th/s and strength intake is 3825W. AC Input Voltage is 2 hundred-277V, and The AC Input Frequency Range is 47-63Hz. Without packaging, the naked size of the device is 335*195.7*299.5mm, and the naked weight is sixteen.2 kg. The suitable use temperature of the gadget is -10-45 levels Celsius, the ideal use humidity is 10%-ninety%, and the right use environment can efficiently enhance the operation cycle of the gadget.

Specifications of DesiweMiner K10Pro

ManufacturerDesiweModelK10 ProCrypto AlgorithmSHA256Size335*195.7*299.5mmWeight16.2KgAC Input Voltage200-277VAC Input Frequency Range47-63HzFan(s)5Power3825WInterfaceEthernetTemperature-10– 45 °CHumidity10 – ninety %

Buy DesiweMiner K10Pro 170T 3825W

Benefits of K10pro Miner

Profitable: The DesiweMiner K10Pro is one of the most profitable cryptocurrency mining rigs in the marketplace.

Efficient: The K10Pro consumes the simplest 3825 watts of electricity according to terahash, making it one of the maximum efficient mining rigs available.

Easy to use: The K10Pro is straightforward to install and use, even for novices.

Reliable: The K10Pro is a reliable and lengthy-lasting mining rig.

How it works

The DesiweMiner K10Pro uses a process known as proof-of-paintings to mine cryptocurrencies. Proof-of-painting is a device that calls for miners to remedy complicated mathematical problems to upload blocks to the blockchain. The first miner to resolve a hassle rewards with a block reward, that is a certain quantity of cryptocurrency.

The DesiweMiner K10Pro could be very green at fixing these problems due to the fact it is powered via the modern-day generation of ASIC chips. ASIC chips are designed especially for mining cryptocurrencies and maybe a whole lot quicker than preferred-cause processors.

How to set it up

The DesiweMiner K10Pro is easy to install. Simply connect it to an energy supply, an internet connection, and a mining pool. Once the rig is installed, you can begin mining cryptocurrencies.

How to keep it

The K10Pro Miner is a dependable and long-lasting mining rig, but it’s far vital to keep it properly. Make positive to hold the rig cool and dirt-loose. You should also replace the firmware and software program often.


The DesiweMiner K10Pro is a high-performance, worthwhile, green, and reliable cryptocurrency mining rig. If you’re seeking out a rig that will let you make money mining cryptocurrencies, the K10Pro is the best desire for you.

Additional information

The DesiweMiner K10Pro is available for buy from Asicminebit.

Buy DesiweMiner K10Pro 170T 3825W

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